Starwood Vacation Ownership Timeshares

As one of the most prestigious names in vacation ownership, Starwood Vacation Ownership provides access to more than 850 Sheraton, Westin, and St. Regis hotels and resorts, as well as the breathtaking Harbourside Resort at Atlantis.

Owners will purchase a unit size at a specific Starwood Owned Resort. The unit will be designated a week in a specific season, and owners may return during that season either annually or biennially. The reservation period for one's home resort, called the Home Resort Preference Period, is within twelve months from the desired date of travel. Most memberships are a floating week during a specific season, however some owners purchase a fixed week they can return to year after year. If a member wishes to, one can internally exchange to another resort within the Starwood Network. The unit, resort, and season originally purchased converts to a specific amount of points, called StarOptions, which will determine when and where you can travel within the network. Owners may reserve at another resort in the network between three and eight months in advance of the check-in date, during the Starwood Vacation Network Float Period. Within ninety days of the desired check-in, during the Starwood Vacation Network Options Period, owners are permitted to reserve vacations for a period of less than a week, starting on any day of the week.

StarOptions points can also be converted to StarPoints, and used to stay at any of the affiliated hotels and resorts, or to purchase airfare, rental cars, or other merchandise. Additionally, owners have the option to exchange with Interval International, which allows for access to 2,200 resorts worldwide. StarOptions may be borrowed from the upcoming calendar year, however that year's fees must be paid in order to access the points. StarOptions come with any timeshare purchased directly from Starwood, and do not transfer on the resale market, with the exception of the following resort resales: Harbourside Resort at Atlantis, Sheraton Vistana Villages (Key West and Bella phases only), Westin Saint John (Hillside villas only), Westin Ka'anapali Ocean Resort Villas, Westin Ka'anapali Ocean Resort Villas North, and Westin Kierland.

Owners are responsible for paying maintenance fees, either annually or biennially, as well as a Starwood Vacation Ownership membership fee, which covers the cost of the Interval International membership. These fees are paid to the Timeshare Homeowners Association (HOA) and are used to maintain the high standards of resort and unit upkeep.

Starwood Vacation Ownership has developed an Elite Program, developed to encourage multiple week ownership. With three tiers ranging from three star to five star members, additional benefits are awarding such as a villa upgrade, exclusive Owner Services team, discounted golf, early check-in, late check-out, and extra points and awards.

For anyone looking for a wide array of five star resorts, Starwood Vacation Ownership is the way to go!


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Testimonials timeshare First Testimonial After advertising with, I went a month or two without getting an offer. I wanted to thank my representative for calling me up and suggesting I add a rental to my advertisement. I started getting rental offers almost immediately, and now my renter is considering buying from me! In an industry that generally lacks in customer service, I appreciate the follow-up and problem solving displayed-and I also appreciate the quick results!

# 008278, $1,000, 4 months until RENTED timeshare Second Testimonial Just wanted to let you know I got my rental check-I would have never been able to handle the rental on my own, thank you all so much!

# 035126, $1,200, 5 Months until RENTED timeshare Third Testimonial After my husband passed away, I needed to liquidate this property quickly to cover expenses. I took your advice and priced aggressively, and got a full price offer within two weeks!! Thank you so much for all your help when I needed it the most!

#014962, $2,999, 1 Months until SOLD timeshare Forth Testimonial A 'friend' of mine in the timeshare industry told me I wouldn't even cover my maintenance fees by renting my studio unit-I'm so glad I got a second opinion! This was rented for $1200 quickly and the process was easy. Thanks to everyone at!

#032759, $1,200, 3 Months until RENTED timeshare Fifth Testimonial I just wanted to thank for helping me unload this property quickly after my husband got laid off! Just getting out from under the annual maintenance fees helped my family immensely. I never thought the process would be this quick!

#027085, $4,000.00, 8 Months until SOLD